I Can See You Oh So Clearly

(A Remembrance of Aix-en-Provence)

By: F. Leslie Spangler

Even though my memory's bleary
I can see you oh so clearly
Drinking café on the Cour
With someone I adore
Making friends from everywhere
You have so much that you can share
Laughing at a clever line
After having a sip of wine
Those days in Aix where fine and fair
As long as you were there
You never turned down a chance to dine
Or have a second glass of wine
Remember when we drank a keg
Someone said you have a hollow leg
We knew it couldn't last
But it was quit a blast
As each day would pass
We came closer to our last
Truffle hunts, happy months
And all of our crazy stunts
How sad remembering the past
In Aix were happiness is cast
Even though my memories are weary
Even though my eyes are teary
I remember Aix so clearly
The morning dawn, the trash is gone
Deux garcon, bouillabaisse, the marketplace
Sharing a baguette 
With someone that you've just met
In those days we were ten feet tall
And everyday we had a ball
That's all I can recall
Do you believe we lived that life... at all?

When I Dream

By: F. Leslie Spangler

When I dream, you're near the only thing I fear is the dawn,
when you'll be gone and I'll be alone with only a tear on my